Energy Saver for Air Conditioner


The AC energy saver is a micro controller based electronic system for room Air Conditioners and split Acs.

The system has build in power on delay of 3 minutes (to prevent re-starting  immediately after main supply failure). User can set the total On time, Initial On time (start on time to enable the room to be cooled quickly without interruption) and cyclic ON and OFF time Individually. The data is stored in a battery-less memory, whose life is around 15 years.

Wall mounting AC timer units (model no. ACTS 7028) have a terminal block and flush mounting units (model no.ACTS 7029) have a metal clad socket + MCB for interconnections to the room/split AC.


  • Power on delay

  • User friendly programming

  • Easy to Install

  • Very short payback period (high energy saving)

  • Wall mounting or flush mouning models available


Technical Specification:

  • Display                    : 4 digit, 0.5" red 7 segment 
                                       LED display

  • Keyboard                : 4 x 1 tactile keyboard

  • Relay output            : 240VAC@30 Amps 
                                       resistive  ,

  • Time base               : Quartz crystal oscillator

  • Memory                   : Battery-less non-volatile, 
                                       15 years life

  • Time Display          : Hour : Min (not real time)

  • Indication                : Start time, master On time,
                                      Cycle On, Cycle Off,  
                                      Compressor On, Power On   
                                      Manual On

  • Protection               : UV trip, OV trip, (MCB for  
                                       overload in flush mounting 
                                       units only)

  • Enclosure                : Metallic

  • Temperature           : Operating 0-500C, Storage

  • Flush Mounting       : 150W x 175H x 65H mm  
                                        (with MCB + Metal clad 

  • Wall mounting         : 175W x 120H x 65H mm 
                                          (with terminal block)

  • Supply                      : 240Vą10%, 50Hz.



Low Cost

ACTS 7030

Technical Specification:

  • Display                    : Individual LEDs to show Set 
                                       ON time & OFF time, etc.

  • Keyboard                : Two, tactile feedback keys 
                                       for independent setting 
                                       of ON time & OFF time 

  • Relay output            : 240VAC,@ 30 Amps 

  • Time base               : Quartz crystal oscillator

  • Memory                   : Battery-less non-volatile, 15 
                                        years life

  • Time Display           : Individual LEDs to show 
                                        time in steps of 5 minutes 

  • Indication                 : Power On delay mode,
                                       UV/OV trip, Timer On,   
                                       Power ON , AC ON.   
                                       Manual On

  • Protection                : UV trip, OV trip, Overload 

  • Enclosure                 : Metallic

  • Flush Mounting        : 150W x 175H x 65H mm  
                                        (with MCB + Metal clad 

  • Wall mounting          : 175W x 120H x 65H mm 
                                         (with terminal block)

  • Supply                      : 240Vą10%, 50Hz.


The ACTS703 is a low cost cyclic timer with a built-in Power-on delay time feature of 3 minutes. The ON time Off time can be set independently by two touch-key switches in steps of 5 minutes, maximum being 45 minutes, ON or OFF time. This user setting is stored in memory and it remains in memory for a long period (>12 years) without battery. A MCB is provided for overload protection.




ACSHR 7036

Power ON delay protection of 3 minutes is provided. The unit is wall mounting and a heavy duty terminal block is provided for Mains Input & both Air conditioner connection.

The unit works off a 240 VAC outlet.


  • Individual AC ON Time, user settable in Hours through Push wheel switches Min 1 hour, max 9 hours

  • Power ON-delay protection

  • Percentage Elapsed Time Indicator
    (Bargraph style)

  • Wall mounting unit

  • Manual over-ride provided 
    (can operate any one unit in manual mode)

  • Terminal block for interconnections

  • Relay o/p 30 amps @ 240 VAC, Resistive

  • Dimension : 150H x 160W x 90D mm.


The ACSHR 7036 is a cyclic timer unit meant for cyclic operation of two Room Air Conditioners. Each AC can be kept ON from 1 hour to 9 hours (maximum). The elapsed time is shown on the bargraph display. AC ON condition is shown by their respective indicators. After the set time of the first AC is over, the second AC turns on. A3-minute gap is provided between the changeover from the first AC to the second AC & vice versa.





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