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The Wattmiser® Power Saver is a specially designed device to provide a significant reduction in your electric bills, increase the life of electrical motors and provide surge protection for homes, businesses and commercial facilities. The Wattmiser® Power Saver benefits both the consumer and the supplier of electrical power.


Wattmiser®   Power Saver reduces heat generation, which dramatically reduces the waste of electrical energy. 

The Wattmiser®   Power Saver lowers the electricity upto 30%, improves the voltage stability and eliminates harmful voltage surges thereby increasing the life of the household appliances.   One unit will be sufficient for the  whole house circuit.



  • The Power Saver unit is extremely simple to install,  and is  a   “No Electrician Required” product.

  • The unit can be used as a Live, Neutral and Earth connection tester also.  Separate indicators have been provided for different faults conditions.

  • This device is for Single Phase operation and mainly for domestic applications. 

  • It is a maintenance free unit and shall last for more than 15 – 20 years of operation.

  • User Friendly Programming.

  • Simple to Install ( No electrician required).

  • 16 x 2 wide angle alphanumeric backlit lcd display panel.

  • Weekly Programming provided.

  • Reliable Solid state Temperature Sensor for Ambient Temperature sensing.

  • Built in Cyclic Timer/Temperature Controller  for ACs and  Water coolers. ( can be selected by software).





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